Yesterday, I visited a friend who just lost her daughter to death. She died on her birthday. How could someone so sweet and so young go on a most treasured day? Her birthday ended up to be her death-day.

It was a most painful time as I watched my friend mourn her first child at a tender age. I sat in silence not knowing what to say. How do you tell a woman not to weep or be sorrowful over her loss when you also felt that sorrow with her.

I returned home though devastated by the loss, yet wondering how so many things we take for granted. We are only kept by His grace and not by ourselves.

Everyday is a gift from God and we should learn to appreciate Him for each moment. Every day is an opportunity to be kind to others because the next day may not be available. Everyday is a chance to love and put all those hateful feelings behind us.

Let us therefore live each day as a privilege and not as a right. Let our whole lives be an expression of God’s Grace as we live daily.

Adieu to my friend’s beloved daughter. Goodnight Abiola Adefila. Rest in the bosom of our Lord. Your memory lives on.

Mama Abiola, please keep faith and be comforted in the Lord. Remember that they that transit in the Lord do not die, they live forever in our hearts until we meet at His feet. Your little girl is singing with the Angels and heaven’s just got brighter by her light.

COVID 19: Exemption not Enough

It’s not enough to pray for exemption from the deadly corona virus, we must arise and push it out of the nations of the world by all means through prayers and sincere efforts of every individual, corporate organizations and government. Its implications go beyond having a holiday.

Look at it! You are exempted yet:

Your children who don’t have virus are out of school and they become idle hands for the devil.

Tertiary Institutions are shut down, young undergraduates are left to themselves. Their courses are suspended.

Businesses are slowing down. The economy is grinding down.

Very important travels are being canceled.

Critical local and international meetings that are to determine the fate of millions cannot hold. 

Families are being separated not just by quarantine but by inability to visit because of travel restrictions.

Sporting engagements fully paid for are getting postponed

Planned shows worth millions are being rescheduled

Religious gatherings of above 50 people are banned.

Supplies are thinning out

Fake hand sanitizer, facial masks that could lead to more deadly disease are emerging.

The list is enormous.

This indeed is the peak and price of globalization. Who would have thought 60 years ago that a plague in far away Wuhan, China will unsettle the world in this manner. The war against Covid- 19 is the super world war that has kept all nations on their toes. This is a war without the fire of a gun.

Being free from the virus is not enough.

You are only truly free if all nations are free.

“Kokanmi, kokanmi” 

Yes it’s not my portion, but it shouldn’t be anybody’s. Let’s play our part in prayers, healthy living, social distances, self isolation where required, medical research, counseling where necessary and positive engagements.

This is not the time to be careless with careless posts and rumours.

For children and young adults that are on compulsory holidays, be wise, invest your time positively, use social media positively, read, use the Internet, do courses on line, rediscover yourself and emerge better persons. 

Parents don’t just celebrate that your children are home. This is the time to get closer to them. Engage them in conversations because now you have become their teacher and pastor. Ensure they have schedules and monitor for effectiveness.

This is a very costly holiday that is not free. Invest it.

To our governments particularly the developing countries of Africa, this is the test we have been waiting for. There are responsibilities and history will write the story of each nation, of how this war was fought and won, of the role of our great leaders, of who and who enriched themselves from monies meant to fight the coronavirus. This is an opportunity to re-write the story of our weak health system and reinvent the wheel. Maybe we have been lucky thus far. Imagine if Wuhan was Nigeria or Kenya or any other African country.

Globalization is real folks. So when we talk globalization, it is all encompassing. All nations must up their games before the next world war.


Setting Priority

The Covid 19 Lockdown is indeed an eye opener. When I think of those things that I thought I had no time to do before, I realised that even with the seemly free time I now have, I still don’t want to do them.
Moral Lesson
Never say you don’t have time again because people always make time for what they really want to do. Don’t also believe when someone tells you he does not have time, you are just not a priority. Better put, you are not as important to him as you think.

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